Nick Capron - 2015-01-13

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As mentioned in my Payday 2 Review, ranking up in the game can be a bit of a grind, but if you are looking to gain experience quickly, the Rats heist is a great choice to do so.

The following aims to give you some pointers on how to successfully complete rats on overkill difficultly. A successful run of this heist should give you a couple hundred thousand XP per run, which is quite a bit for the 15 minutes it should take to complete.

DAY 1 - Meth Lab

Recommended Load-out

Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: Player 4:
Sniper LMG Rifle Rifle
Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun
Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Heavy Armour
Ammo Ammo Medkit Sentry/Medkit

Most of the combat on day 1 will take place during a close quarters basement battle. The basement only has one point of entry so take weapons that have big clips and work well at close range. Someone should bring a sniper rifle, to deal with shields as well.


None required, feel free to bring an extra ammo/medic bag if you have cash to blow or your team is unable to bring them.

Step 1. Rush the House

As the heist begins, you will be located outside of the Meth house, the first thing you will want to do is rush the house as soon as possible. Be aware of a few gang members hanging around the house, they are easy to kill, but their firearms do a lot of damage so kill them quick.

Step 2. Get Meth Supplies from the Bathroom

In order to blow the lab you will need at least 2 out of the 3 Meth ingredients, the bathroom on the first floor of the house usually has at least 2 ingredients in it. As you see in the above image the ingredients look like a green oxygen tank, a small green squarish container, or a larger white bleach looking container. Grab what is available in the bathroom and head to the Meth lab, which is located upstairs.

Step 3. Blow the Lab

Once you go upstairs, Bain should inform you that cops are at the house, if you find planks, feel free to board up the windows on the top floor for protection. After a minute or so, Bain will radio in telling you what ingredient to use to cook the Meth. Once Bane tells you what ingredient to add, take a look at the Meth lab and add any ingredient besides the one Bane is asking you for. When you add the wrong ingredient you will hear a high pitched squeal and it is time to run downstairs. This will blow the lab and anyone left upstairs will slowly die from the poison gas from the explosion. The lab explosion, will temporary blind everyone, so it is polite warn your team that you are blowing the lab before doing so. If you team is engaged in a heavy fire-fight with a bulldozer or other special cops, you may want to give them some time to take them out before blinding everyone.

Step 4. Get to Basement

After the lab has been blown, you will want to head to the basement. The basement is a great place to hold out as it only has one point of entry. Your sniper should set up in the the back of the basement and cover the basement door to shoot down shields as they enter. One of the riflemen should take position by the sniper to provide additional coverage on the entrance. If you have an automated turret, deploy it in front of the sniper to assist him. The other two players should take up position on both sides of the basement door. This will allow you to quickly take out any cops that get by your sniper.

You will want to hold out in the basement until the driver has arrived on scene.

Step 5. Escape

Once the driver arrives on scene it is time to escape. Do not attempt to flee the scene in the middle of an assault wave! The basement has only one entrance, therefore it creates a massive bottleneck of cops outside and you probably die if you attempt to run/fight through it.

To play it safe, wait until the driver is on scene and the assault wave is over. Once you have fought the cops off, make a run for the car. You will probably have at least one sniper trying to peg you, but if you keep running it shouldn't be a problem, the game usually likes to throw a Cloaker at you, so stay together as someone always seems to get hit by a bloody Cloaker on the way to the car.

If your feeling lucky, sometimes the driver will give you a heads up when he is a minute away, if the cop assault wave has just ended when you get this message, you can run to the pick-up spot as the car should arrive just as the next assault wave starts, which saves some time and the difficultly of fighting off an additional assault.

DAY 2 - Meth Deal

Recommended Load-out

Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: Player 4:
Sniper LMG Rifle Rifle
Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun
Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Heavy Armour
C4 C4 * *

Another map with mostly close quarters fighting, if you get in and out quick, you will only be fighting gang members who go down easy. If you don't get out quick enough, you will be facing Cloakers, Shields, Tasers, and Bulldozers. Therefore bring weapons that are able to deal with a good mix of enemies in close to mid range gun fights. As you didn't make the Meth in the first day, you will need someone able to use C4 to blow open safes to get the defuse codes if you want a nice cash bonus on day 3.


None required, if you pull this heist off correctly you should be in and out in a few minutes.

Step 1. Split into Two Teams

You will want to split into two groups, each group should have a player who can use C4 or pick a lock. One team should go up the building closest to the starting point, while the other team hits the building up by the gang members and the truck. If you only have one member with c4/lock picking, send them to the furtherest building by the gang members as most of the time the plans are in that building.

Step 2. C4 Safes

There will be multiple safes across the buildings. If you find any, use C4, lock picking, or a drill to open them. Once you open the right safe, Bain will radio in to tell you to pick up the document, if you take to long, Bain will call in to let you know the gangsters burned the intelligence and to get out.

Step 3. Escape

Once you have the plans, or the gangsters have burnt them, you are done, get back to the car ASAP, be aware, if you get a notice that cops have arrived, be careful. Once the cops show up, they show up hard with a lot of Shields, Tasers, and Cloakers. Make your way carefully to the car and get out.

DAY 3 - Bus Assault

Recommended Load-out

Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: Player 4:
Sniper Rifle Rifle Rifle
SMG/Rifle SMG/Rifle SMG/Rifle SMG/Rifle
Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Heavy Armour
Ammo Medkit Sentry Sentry


If you got the codes from Day 2 and want to make a nice cash score on top of experience, make sure to hire the expert pilot. The expert pilot comes in half the time as the regular pilot, and much closer to the bus, so you won't have to move the money bags half way down the bridge.

If you don't care about looting the bus, or didn't get the C4 defuse code in Day 2, you don't need any extras, you will be in and out in a few minutes.

Not Going for the Money?

If your not going for the money, this day is dead simple. Just run up the bridge towards the bus, you should face minimal resistance reaching the bus, and kill everyone aboard the bus. When everyone on the bus has been eliminated, you will get a notification that escape is available. You just need to run back to the start of the map, but be careful of, Cloakers that like to hide under the cars.

Going for the Money?

Do not attempt going for the money if the heist is a Pro job unless you are very confident in your team. This mission can be rough, you will be fighting off many regular swat troops on top of multiple shields, Tasers, Cloakers, and Bulldozers. To top it off, the cops will assault you from both sides of the bridge. The upside is, if you can loot the whole bus, you stand to make a nice cash bonus for yourself.

Step 1. Rush the Bus, Kill all the Gang Members

Same drill as if you where not going for the money. You need to rush the bus and kill all the gang members on-board.

Step 2. Loot the Bus

Once the bus is cleared, two people on your team should focus on looting the bus, while the other two, preferably your sniper & another player, protect the bus from the police. If you have an automated turret, a handy place to put it is outside the bus near the rear bumper. This should assist your team with keeping the bus clear while looting the cash.

In the bus, on the seats, will be multiple briefcases stuffed with cash. Be aware that when you grab the cash, there is a good chance C4 will be under it. You can only defuse the C4 if you got the code out of the safe in day 2. You must defuse the C4 quickly, otherwise the bus will explode and burst into flames killing anyone in the bus very quickly. As you loot the cash in the bus, throw the bags of money out of the front of the bus and the team coving you can move it to the side of the bridge where the helicopter is going to come.

Step 3. Hold out

If you got the expert pilot, he should arrive fairly quickly after looting the bus. Find some good positions near the cash to hold out for a few minutes, Be aware of cops approaching you from both the front and rear or your position. 80% of the assualt should come from the direction of the bus, be aware of Cloakers that like to sneak up on you from behind or the sides of the bridge.

Step 4. Move cash and Get out

Once the helicopter arrives, load it up as quick as you can. Once all the bags are in the chopper, it is time to leave. Run back to the start of the map, but once again, Cloakers do like to hide under the cars so be careful of them.

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