Nick Capron - 2014-12-12
Available for: PS3 PC
Reviewed on: PC
Published by: 2K
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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, is the newest entry in the Borderlands series of games. For the very few who are not familiar with the series, Borderlands is a co-op, first person shooter, combined with traditional RPG elements of gaining experience, finding loot, and performing quests.

Borderlands... IN SPACE!!!

The biggest change to the formula with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, is the new space environments. When fighting in space, gravity is greatly reduced, which allows for additional freedom of movement and new combat moves such as the butt slam attack. The butt slam attack is a fun little move that allows for you to drop to the ground quickly to deliver an area of effect attack. It is really handy when surrounded by multiple weak baddies, and adds a bit to the combat depth of the game.

The advantages of space are limited by your oxygen supply, which is required to pull off boosted jumps and slams. You will rarely run out of oxygen as it drains very slowly and the game offers plenty of opportunities to resupply. Oxygen is dropped very frequently from defeated enemies, and oxygen beacons have been generously placed throughout the environment for your convenience. Even if you do run out of oxygen, there is no need to panic, as your health drops VERY slowly, the only consequence is a significant movement penalty.

I found the space maps to be very enjoyable, with boosted jumps, navigating and moving around the areas is much faster then the running around on the traditional maps. The new hover bike is a great improvement over the vehicles in the previous games, as it can jump over small walls and obstacles, making getting around nice and easy.

A Party of Four

TPS has a new party of four playable classes for you to play as, there is the gladiator, the overall balanced solider, the pistol using gun-slinger, and of course, you can now play as claptrap as well.

I gave the new gladiator class a spin for my play through, I've found her skill tree to be a good mix of gun and melee skills. Her special ability is pretty powerful, upon activating it you hold up a shield for a limited time that absorbs damage, you can then throw this shield at your foes and deal the absorbed damage back at them. Her close combat skills make melee attacks very powerful, such as making melee damage cause bleed damage over time, and weakening foes to your gunfire.

Besides the new four playable characters, be prepared for some your favourite borderlands characters sprinkled throughout the game, some as quick cameos, others playing big roles throughout the story. The new cast of characters added to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel are well done and I found them to be mostly enjoyable. If you enjoy the humour/story of Borderlands or Borderlands 2, expect more of the same.

This is my Rifle, this is my Gun

Once again, BLTPS brings out a gigantic arsenal of weapons for you to find and use. New to the mix are new laser weapons, and cold elemental damage.

The laser weapons are fun, they sound great, and add a nice mix to the classic assortment of borderlands weapons. The only downside is they don't work great without an atmosphere, so while fighting in space, their effectiveness is limited. Unfortunately a lot of the game's combat happens out in space, which limits laser weapon usefulness. Cold elemental damage is a nice addition to the combat mix, it can really help in battles against multiple foes as frozen enemies are immobilized and make for easy targets. Plus you get a nice shatter effect if you kill a frozen enemy.

Oxygen Tanks are a new piece of equipment that can be found. New tanks allow for additional oxygen supply and other benefits such as adding additional damage to your slam ability, or giving you an additional damage bonus while being airborne. The effects are minor but add another piece of loot for you to hunt for to improve your character.

One of the bigger features added to the game is the Grinder. The Grinder allows you to combine 3 items together using recipes to produce a new item. For example, you can combine 3 weapons of the same color quality to create one new weapon of a better quality. It is a nice feature but implemented poorly. For example, recipes are not listed as discovered, so you will need to remember them all or look them up online to take full advantage. Hopefully they improve this feature over time, but it is nice to have another option with surplus equipment besides selling it.

Should I Buy it?

I'm thankful I got this game for free with the purchase of my new graphics card as I would of felt let down paying the full sixty dollars for this title.

So while the new additions BTPS brings are all nice, I find it hard to justify them as a full sixty dollar title. The game feels like an extended expansion pack, much of the game remains very similar to borderlands 2, but with less overall content. Yes what is offered is enjoyable, but at the end of the day, BTPS feels like a paint by the numbers clone of the other games.

BTPS is a solid entry in the series, but is just way overpriced when you compare it to the jump from the original Borderlands to Borderlands 2. Even with the lack of innovation, the amount of content included with the base game is much less then Borderlands 2.

If you are a fan of the series, pick this up only if you need more borderlands right away and have friends ready to jump in with you. Otherwise wait for a sale for a better price, I'd suggest around 20-30 bucks is a fair price for this offering.

If you are new to Borderlands and want to try it out, buy Borderlands 2 for much less. Really Borderlands 2 is very similar to the pre-sequel, with way more content, and a much cheaper price.


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