Nick Capron - 2013-09-16
Available for: PC
Published by: Arcen Games
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Imagine if your duty was to create as much havoc and destruction between two countries as possible. Oh, we forgot to tell you that the balance of power between these two countries must be maintained. We hope you are prepared for managing unexpected plagues and disasters as well. Sound fun? Well then read more about Skyward Collapse!

The Sky is Falling!

Skyward Collapse is a turn based god/strategy game. The goal of the game is to balance two opposing factions by supplying them with resources and buildings. You must cause enough chaos between the two factions to get your score high enough to pass through three rounds until you reach the end of the game to achieve a victory.

Skyward Collapse features one of the best tutorials I've seen in awhile. The game can be overwhelming at first, but the tutorial does a great job of holding your hand through your first game. The tutorial will teach you the basics of the game while giving you the freedom to play around and experiment as you see fit. You won't know 100% of everything after your first play-through, but you should understand the basic concepts and be ready to play a better game on your 2nd time around.

Oh God what Have I Done

It is really easy for things to get out of control in Skyward Collapse. In one of my games, a unit ended up getting a bunch of upgrades from ruins which increased his attack to the point where he was one-shotting units on the other side. I threw everything in my arsenal to try to counter him but nothing worked, he was just too strong. That one little bastard ended up destroying the whole other side himself. I found this to be enjoyable and a pretty funny way to lose, but I could see other players being frustrated by this.

Two Gods are Better then One

Co-op game play is masterfully done, game-play is identical to a single player game, except the number of actions per turn is doubled per side, and these actions are split between the 2 players. You will need to communicate and coordinate between each other to be successful as co-op adds difficulty to the game. It is a lot of fun to experience the chaos of the game with a buddy. One downer is that you will need to perform some port forwarding to obtain a connection with your friend. You will need to know your partners IP address to connect as there is no game lobby functionality. This isn't a huge deal, but adds a bit of a headache vs being able to connect no problem via steam like most games. You can play via LAN as well.

Not for Everybody

Skyward Collapse features very basic animation and graphics, it's best to think of it like a board game. Units move around the game like pieces on a board, and when they fight, they just bump into each other until one falls off the board.

I was disappointed there was not more of a focus on the god aspect of the game. You do not have to worry about gaining followers or keeping them happy, and there are no difficult choices around special abilities to make. The game focuses solely on the balance of power aspect, which isn't a bad thing, I was just hoping for a bit more game-play around being a god over the world.

Should I get it?

I would say if you are interested by this review at all, you should go ahead and pick the game up. It is only five bucks, and even if you end up hating it, you've only wasted a few dollars. If you do not like turn based strategy, or if a lack of graphics or animation is a big turn off, stay clear of this one.


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