Nick Capron - 2013-08-01

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It's official, the 2013 Steam summer sale is over. Here's a quick run down of my purchases and some quick verdicts.

Puzzle Quest 2 - $2.49

Haven't even fired it up yet! Hope to find some time to play around with it as I loved the first one on xbox live arcade.

Verdict: Probably will rot in my backlog


Dark Souls - $7.49

Great game for the few hours I've played, very difficult but a fun and engaging experience. It is a shame that the PC port is just god awful. After playing around with some mods, I did get the game running. Unfortunately things went south and I am stuck due to a boss causing my pc to blue screen every god damn time I try to fight him...

I'm attempting to get it to run on my laptop, but I am now running into nvidia optimus issues... grrrr

Verdict: Most frustrating purchase of the sale, could be great but way too many technical problems.


Football Manager 2013 - $9.99

Not sure why I got this one, don't know too much about soccer outside of watching the world cup. I'm enjoying myself with this one so far, pretty good game to have going while you lay on the coach watching tv. Hopefully as I play more, I'll figure out more of this complex simulator.

Verdict: I have no clue what I am doing?!?


Dishonored - $9.99

Excited to play this one, don't want to start playing it till a finish a few other games I'm currently working on.

Verdict: Should of waited for the winter sale, hope to play soon!


System Shock 2 - Gift

Thanks to Mr Weasel for this one, great classic game, haven't tried it out yet but looking forward to seeing how the co-op action is.

Verdict: Will try not to shit my pants this time


RPG Maker VX Ace - $23.79

One of my long term goals is to make a JRPG one of these days. I figured this would be a fun tool to play around with, I've goofed around with it a bit, but haven't dug very deep yet

Verdict: Wife will call me a dork when she sees me with this on my laptop.


Borderlands 2 Season Pass - $10.19

Really glad I waited for a sale on this, I figure the amount of content I recieved for 10 bucks is a great deal. If you enjoyed borderlands 2 you really can't pass on the season pass for this price.

Verdict: Will probably burn another 50 hours on Borderlands thanks to this DLC


Scribblenauts Unlimited - $4.99

Bought this to play with my Wife, unfortunately neither of us ended up enjoying it very much.

Verdict: oh well only 5 bucks

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